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These reference materials are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. If there is any question regarding copyright, they will likely have the Print function disabled.


Equipment Description Contributor(s)

Cubic R-3030 & R-3080

Complete Manual Terry O'Laughlin & AMRAD
DUK AAD5/4 AAD 10/4 
Antenna Distributor
Complete Manual Rolf  Torvik & 
Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl
Funkwerk Dabendorf EKD 500 Complete Manual Peter De Coninck

Harris RF-590

Complete Manual

Fred Munzenmayer & Jim McVein
Hagenuk RX1001MVB

Complete Manual

Peter De Coninck
Hewlett Packard 8640B File Complete Manual George Georgevits &
 John Perlick
McKay-Dymek DR333 Partial Manual

(in ZIP File)

Gordon Duff
Plessey PR-2250 Technical Manual Terry O'Laughlin
Racal RA-1792 Complete Manual Terry O'Laughlin
Racal RA-6790 Partial Manual Terry O'Laughlin
Racal RA-6790GM Complete Manual Rolf  Torvik & 
Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl
RA6790GM (R-2174(P)/URR) Noise Blanker Description & Schematic Dallas Lankford
Reaction Instruments/MACOM LF-HF Multicoupler Complete Manual Spencer L. Bahner
Rohde & Schwarz NV14T Multicoupler Complete Manual Peter De Coninck
Skanti R5001 Complete Manual Peter De Coninck
Skanti TRP5000 Link A link to a website that has the manuals, schematics etc.
TCI 8174 Complete Manual John Collins

Watkins Johnson 8888

Complete Manual Peter De Coninck
Watkins Johnson 357 (VLF) Complete Manual Peter De Coninck


Description File Size Format Contributor
HP8640B Option 003 Reverse Power Protection 33kB


George Georgevits 

Watkins-Johnson PKC Option Schematic for 8617 & 8618 251kB JPG Terry O'Laughlin
Watkins-Johnson 8718 Block Diagram and LO Schematics   ZIP George Georgevits

Original Articles

Title File Size Format Author
The Great Marconi Mishap & Some Little Known Receivers  707kB PDF Michael O'Beirne
AM Synchronous Detector 380kB PDF Trevor Brook, Surry Electronics, UK

Other Reference Material

Title File Size Format Description Contributor
Harris RF-590A Reference Material 178KB ZIP Decompiled firmware V 208N;  Harris protocols; .asm ROM file in ASCII format; filter configuration DIP switch settings. Peter Gottlieb
HF Receiver Comparisons 55KB PDF A comparison of European, Japanese and American radio performance. Masamichi Tsuchiya
Hewlett Packard to Industry Standard JEDEC Part Numbers 46KB PDF Looking for an HP Semiconductor? The answer may be here! Frank Carcia
Plessey PR-2250  Remote Control Software 76KB ZIP File includes some information and installation modules. Software is rather ancient - presumably for a PC operating under DOS. Terry O'Laughlin
Racal 3700 Series Technical Specifications 545KB PDF Technical brochure for the RACAL 3700 Radios Masamichi Tsuchiya
Racal 6803 Software - Source Code 23KB Text Control software for Racal 6803. Assembly language source. Frank Carcia
Racal 6803 Software - Machine Code 201KB Text Machine Code Frank Carcia
Rohde & Schwarz NZ-14 Antenna Selector 1.2MB PDF Manual

Peter De Coninck

Thales TMR5100 Digital Receiver 31KB PDF Technical Specifications Chuck Maurer
Watkins-Johnson Equipment List 75KB PDF A comprehensive list of most, if not all, W-J equipment.

Terry O'Laughlin

Watkins-Johnson WJ861X Receiver Configuration



Configuration and options information for the WJ8615, WJ8617 & WJ8618

Terry O'Laughlin

AN/FLR9(V7)/(V8) Wullenweber Antenna Group 3.9MB PDF Complete Operator's, Support and Depot Maintenance Manual

John Collins

Receiver Data Sheets --- PDF This is a link to an extensive collection of data sheets covering radios made by several European, North American and Japanese makers. From the Homepage, click on "Data sheets" in the left-hand menu.

Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl

Resource Links


Watkins-Johnson Company published WJ Tech-Notes on a variety of topics relevant to microwave communications for almost 20 years, starting in the mid-1970's. While some of these notes have become seriously out of date, many retain their relevance, since the fundamentals of physics and electrical engineering haven't changed. They are available, organized by volume at (vol. 1 - 18) at 

Watkins-Johnson Application Notes.

Welcome to the KONG DX-pedition page. Our ambition with this page is to inform the DX community about the results of the DX-peditions held here. Inside, you will find all the logs, details about antennas and receivers, participants and menus (!), DX-related links and some non DX-related links. There is also some general information about the location, since we believe that it is worth visiting even if you donít plan to DX.


Last updated March 28, 2007