... To my right sets my laptop where I can operate my AOR 7030+ via ERGO4. Im still waiting for a dual socket PCI to serial card adapter to enable ERGO to control the 2050 as well. The laptop is indispensable as a DX tool with instant access to the ILG database and the HFCC A03 databases, as well as current propagation forecasts, and up to the minute DX news. Dont know what Id do without it. I now very rarely consult WRTH or PWBR.

Further to my right I have a 6-foot rack with a TMC 32 output multicoupler for all of my receivers. There too you will find a JRC 535D, and another Collins 2050, modified by Jan Skirrow. We out boarded the power supply to solve the heating (overheating) problems. Above the 2050 is a SE-3 from Sherwood used in conjunction with the Collins R390A (a Stewart-Warner model). I acquired this one from Jan as well. It doesnt get fired up too often, but when it is turned on, it can give the 2050 a run for its money any day, especially when used with the SE-3.

Coming back around to my left is another case, with a rack mounted 2050, along with the Kenwood R5000. I no longer use either the Kenwood or JRC for Dxing, though they are still useful for timed programs off the air.

Elsewhere I also use a Sony 2010, Sony 1000T, a Racal 8772 and 6772.

One day Id like to trade some of the above equipment for a Ten Tec 340. One day.

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Last updated September 01, 2004